Wednesday, March 7, 2012

starry skies sampler :: blocks no. 6 to 9

its no secret around here that i have been having trouble keeping up with my self-imposed deadlines, pile of projects to be finished, and my growing toddler girl and growing baby belly. i thought it might be nice gentler to get myself back into the swing of things for the starry sampler quilt by diving into my miscellany scrap bowl.

side note: i have been keeping all of my scraps from this project in their own bowl on the far end of my cutting table. 
it is just so perfect that i don't want to waste a bit of it. 
and i might have a plan or two brewing for all of those scraps.

it was liberating to throw all of those prints together (plus a dot from dsquilts) only thinking a little bit here and there about color palette and composition. i followed this tutorial for sewing wonky stars from the silly boo dilly, only changing the size of my squares from 4.5" to 2.5" resulting in a 6.5" finished star, my smallest yet. these were so quick to sew up that i started looking for more ideas immediately - stitched in color made a block with two different sized wonky stars in one and i love how the offset stars really come together in this mini quilt by fresh lemons.

now that i see these four bitty stars hanging together, i am hoping that i will have plenty of leftovers from this quilt to make some miscellany wonky star pillows or a mini quilt or placemats or...really anything to look at all of the time in my home! don't they look so pretty hanging in our back hall?

now that i feel a bit more back in the game, kick started by how much fun i had making these guys, i am a bit more confident when i say that i will write again very soon. after all, there are seeds sprouting in our dining room and some white cotton that is just screaming to be dyed in the $1 sun tea jars i picked up at the thrift today. that will be happening very soon, but in the meantime why not sew up some of your own wonky stars? or an amish star or a sunshine star or really any other block from the sampler series. i would love to see them!


  1. Gorgeous! Those stars would be lovely framed, all in a row.

  2. Cute little stars, all in a row. If I didn't have guests to prepare for, I'd totally go make some of my own. LOVE! (and love the idea of putting them in placemats. Would love to look at wonky stars while eating breakfast!)