Monday, March 5, 2012

4 mar 12

i spent my sunday working on some hand quilting for baby boy
and choosing fabric for my new duffle bag.

i'll be writing again on wednesday when i'm done with some new stars
for the starry skies sampler quilt, and hopefully
you'll hear from me a couple of more times this week.
until then, happy monday!


  1. I hope your little girl is feeling better! And I'm liking the fabrics you've pulled there - which duffle pattern are you using?

    1. i'll be making the simplicity 2274 duffle - although modifying it a bit to get away without jute handles and to incorporate some patchwork.

      and frances is (finally) feeling so much better!

  2. Happy week to you too.

    Beautiful fabrics!

  3. love the new quilt, Hannah! so my pregnancy-crazy self is thinking of making a quilt for baby #2 to be. I'd like to do something colorful + simple, preferably not blocks/squares (i'm feeling the non-linear thing). Any good recommendations? It's going to be my first attempt at quilting, so can't be anything too crazy, but I'm getting pretty good with a sewing machine, so doesn't have to be the most basic, either. Thanks & love the belly, mama!

    1. check out my pinterest quilt board - you'll find tons of inspiration and there should be some good tutorials there, too. might i suggest that it will probably be best to stick to a block layout for your first quilt, until you get the hang of it.

      much love!