Wednesday, March 21, 2012

starry skies sampler :: block no. 11

so, i was wrong. this happens sometimes (more often than i might like to admit), especially when it comes to designing and executing a new quilt design. i had all intentions of adding some sashing to my stars, making some improv strips to go here and there, and laying them out in a pleasing fashion. and i did one of those things - all ten stars went up on my design wall and then were rearranged and rearranged again, and stared at, and rearranged. nothing worked.

instead of fretting over my sampler any more than i already was, i decided to hunker down and make another star. while searching for what the name of last week's star might be (any ideas?) i stumbled across this little block layout. while the name of this star might be a little silly - delectable mountains? - i couldn't be happier with how the final block came together.

oh, hello baby belly. you're matching the star today!

i feel better about finishing off my star making process on this note. i have a clearer vision of how the starry skies sampler will come together, which block goes where, and how to incorporate the different size blocks that i have chosen to sew. 

as always, you can find all of the previous blocks here and sew some up at your own pace!


  1. this one is my favorite! I want to make some of these stars.. eventually

  2. you are so inspiring!!!! <3!!!

  3. I'm really inspired by all the piecing you've been doing lately, all these star blocks are wonderful! Oh, and thanks for the links on how to put them together!

  4. Hurray, another star! And cute baby =)

  5. Your blocks are looking amazing! And your baby belly is super darling. I appreciate your comment on my mini quilt, by the way! I didn't have your email, so I couldn't respond directly.

    Also, your baby bump is super adorable!