Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a + b + c =
a new trio of mini quilts:
improv pieced,
patchwork letters,
meant to hang in a row.

i fully intend to continue on with this project - whether that means completing the alphabet or moving on to numbers. i love how freeing the patchwork became and the puzzle that improv piecing can be. the process of straight line quilting (i echoed the shape of the letters with a new line every 1/4") was a bit addictive as well. it became a chance to meditate on the work that i had done and the possibilities of what could be.

frankie insists that the letter 'a' quilt should be full size - she sits her little self down on the floor and tries to cover her  toes with a quilt that is just not big enough. maybe a 'frances mae' quilt is in the starts for my baby girl.


  1. Those are adorable!! And would look soooo great in a baby's room! :)