Friday, October 14, 2011

finally - finally! inspiration has hit me like a ton of bricks and it couldn't have come at a better time. life here on this little, green island is very seasonal. after memorial day beaches are open to the public again, traffic is sane and manageable (keep in mind their is no such thing as a stop light or traffic circle here), and i can now recognize and greet at least one local while frankie and i run errands. and i am no longer a slave to the hungry masses at the local general store/lunch stop - leaving me with plenty of time to cut and sew and stitch, scheme up new designs, and make plenty of long to-do lists for this little space (and my home, too). 

this sudden burst of energy can't be attributed to more 'days off' alone - as i'm now entering the second trimester of my second pregnancy (a new baby, and boy, can this one grow!) i can eat again, i can almost sleep at night and stay awake during the day again, and, most importantly, i can't sit so still anymore. i promise not to go full-time pregnancy-blogging-heal-wearing-uber-hip-mom-on-the-go on you, but little quilts and hand knit hats with matching booties are kind of my thing - consider yourself fully warned.

i think i'll only show you this quilt in bits and pieces from now on, until its completed. as you might remember, sad little half square triangles and chevrons have been waiting around patiently for the day that i might discover them again. well, that day came, with a vengeance. i'm happy with where it is going and excited to see where it ends up - so little teasers it will be until i can properly unveil this quilt.



  1. That is just the most beautiful photo I have seen in blogland in a long long time... like - ever maybe! ahhhhh


  2. thank you and thank you!

    monika - can you believe that beauty is just a few steps outside of my front door!?

  3. Beautiful and congratulations!! Yay for babies!