Friday, April 1, 2011

spring sew along - process

so i agreed to do this thing -
by which i mean, i committed myself to a deadline.

let me start with this: on every one of my trips to the local craft supply store i pick up a copy of 'i love patchwork' by rashida coleman-hale. it is beautiful. perfect squares, lambs in aprons and oh! the detail! and when i happened to stumble upon this spring sew-along at stumbles & stitches i thought why not, right? couldn't hurt to have a project.
we move in one month and i have maybe (maybe) three boxes packed.
i'm not very good at this whole moving thing.
but i said that i would do it and by gosh - i am doing it!

table runner sew-along

i'm loving a simple color palette - black and white with some aqua and lavender and a little bit of pink - ready for spring. i thought this would be the perfect project to practice half square triangles (those pesky corners look best when they match!) and some improv piecing. it may look like i'm just at the beginning, but i loaded up the woodstove and i am awake far past my bedtime. but i just couldn't stop.

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  1. Hannah, I love it! Can't wait to see the finished result. I'm so impressed with all that tiny triangle piecing!! Have a great weekend.