Thursday, April 21, 2011

this afternoon i started a quilt - from scratch. that is to say, i drew nine little squares in my notebook and started cutting, without thinking about where i wanted to end up. i've been adding to a small stack of scraps and favorites that i knew would end up as a quilt project, and this afternoon seemed a perfect opportunity to jump in.
(our family has been doing nothing but packing and sorting and
donating and dumping everything that we have. its exhausting but we seem to be
getting somewhere. however, the exhaustion did me in this afternoon -
i was not paying enough attention while cutting fabric and slice! off came the tip of my finger.
please be careful with your rotary cutters. operate only when clear headed and bright eyed.)

after some bandaging and swearing, i got:
eight squares from that vintage pillowcase and
eight squares from that scrap left over from the zig zag quilt.

and now there are five blocks sitting on my sewing table. they've become a play on dark and light and an experiment with prints. i don't really know what's happening yet but i have a few ideas.
let's not put the cart before the horse, right?

and so, a simple collection of inspiration for a quilt that is happening:

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