Tuesday, March 15, 2011

big moves

for the last 25 years, my little life has been spent in the same twenty mile radius of maine/new hampshire. i couldn't be more grateful for the time spent running through the woods with my little brother, riding the school bus to my mama's bookstore, getting fancy for the high school prom, long nights getting to know and fall in love with johnny at our favorite bakery, and raising our beautiful baby in our little house on the river.

but things change.
i have grown older and (sometimes) wiser
i have become a wife and mother
i have struggled to find my place in the world.

and with this comes big news and change for our little family. in less than two months time, we will be living on an island in the atlantic. and so begins the process of sorting and packing and making new memories. i am looking at this big life change as an opportunity to simplify - to choose what is necessary and what is frivolous. i am also hoping that this will be a chance for our family to start over and to follow our dreams. as johnny follows his to a fantastic farm bakery full of bread and veggies and friendly people, i hope to follow my dreams of sewing and creating full time.


  1. wow! How wonderful for you all!

  2. Aw, Hannah, this totally just made me cry. I am so happy for you guys. We can't wait to come visit you on your island! Love love love, Meghan Callahan, and Jordan