Tuesday, March 1, 2011

thoughts have been brewing and stewing and mulling around in my little brain for a while now - thoughts of little red capes, raglan sleeves and how do i design these things by myself? well, it looks as though the knitting gods were smiling down on me today.

every week i take a trip to the local thrift store - hunting out treasures that fit in my tiny budget. sometimes i come home empty handed, but more often than not i find myself with a canvas tote full of little mary janes, vintage pillowcases and flannel sheets, enormous tin plates, and occasionally a book or two.
(okay, so this makes me sound like a total pack rat/shopping addict.
i might have a bit of an overflow on my shelf of fabric in the studio, but i count my pennies.)

my newest treasure is a gem of a book, published in 1986, the glorious year of my birth (i love you, mama)! the old cliche that you can't judge a book by its cover surely applies to knitting by design - i will only say that there are fuzzy snowflakes involved. and a strange, floppy knit hat. but don't let looks deceive you - which is why i didn't even bother to photograph the cover. first impressions, y'know.

choosing a shape
how to write your own knitting pattern

knitting psychology 101.
what can i do to save my sweater?
"quick knits" will pull you out of the doldrums.
the tear-up-some-old-fabric sweater.
(by far my favorite)

knitting psychology

and now my afternoon will be spent reading, and working, and hopefully experimenting.
i have big plans...

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