Wednesday, February 1, 2012

starry skies sampler :: block no. 3

inspired by the newest issue of fat quarterly, i decided to try my hand at paper piecing for this weeks newest star: the web star block found at quilter's cache (have you seen this sweet elixir bottle wall hanging and awesome catherine holm pot holders?). while it seemed a little daunting at first to see lots of numbers and lines, and which side do i sew the fabric on to the paper, and oops that's the wrong side, it soon became clear that paper piecing was allowing me to create crisper lines and tighter corners than i would be able to achieve with simple patchwork alone.

and so, after a little futzing with the tiny bits of white fabric that i had left, and after an incident in which my temperamental iron sputtered some rusty water on the corner of one block component, my web star is complete and i couldn't be happier with it. seeing this block with its fellow stars makes me giddy - the miscellany line of fabrics seems to be pulling the concept of this sampler together and i look forward to experimenting with new techniques and blocks each week.

as always, be sure to come back next wednesday for a new block.
and in the meantime, 
check out all of the starry skies sampler series here
make yourself a beautiful web star block for your own sampler
and be sure to share your progress!


  1. It's a lovely block! Your quilt is going to be stunning. I'm definitely going to get my act together soon to make these for myself. Love!

  2. i am loving your block series, and one day i will get around to making them. great fabric choice too.

  3. That's gorgeous! It's fun to see this line used as a whole. It really seems just quirky enough for a sampler.

  4. i made one! not as cute as yours, but i used solids where you put solids so i think it turned out pretty well. thanks for posting the block! be warned, it's a crappy cell phone photo...