Monday, January 30, 2012

my weekend was spent with my sewing machine, 
with a new-to-this-world and very dear friend, 
and with a few nesting motivated chores. 

i have really been enjoying sewing up these little baby pants - my boy has a few pairs in super soft flannel waiting for him, and now the sweetest little arlo (that new-to-this-world tiny friend) has a reversible pair! it took a bit of scheming and planning to make these pants happen, but seeing them put together i now realize that they could have been so much easier! hand to forehead and notes for the next pair. 

how was your weekend spent?
see you on wednesday with block number 3 of the sampler.


  1. love these. can you share your pattern... or direct me to one? just started to learn out to sew that would love to make these for my son!

  2. misspelled - meant to say: just started to learn how to sew and would love...

    1. i didn't actually use a pattern - i simply traced around a pair of my daughter's leggings, adding seam allowance and some extra room in the bum for a big diaper as i went. super easy and fun!

  3. These are so sweet!