Friday, December 16, 2011

remember a little while ago when i shared the news that our family will soon be growing? well, baby is growing and squirming and generally living it up in this mama's not-so-little belly with about 18 more weeks of baking to go. while i am generally a huge fan of surprises (frances mae was a surprise - especially because i could have sworn that she was going to be a he and was so amazed when johnny blubbered out 'its a girl!'), i couldn't help myself from finding out what this little nugget is. i need to be prepared, i need to bond, i need to make little things for this little one - for this little boy.

and so i'll start by making piles of these little pants. i adapted an existing pants pattern that i already had in my stash to have a more narrow leg and a little extra room for a cloth diaper, and i must say, i am super pleased with how they turned out, especially because i can turn out a pair in about forty five minutes - go me!

in anna maria horner little folks flannel and nani iro double gauze

so now i will continue to knit tiny little treasures from my ever growing ravelry library, add to my fabric wish list for this little boy's quilt, and day dream about mobiles, baby moccasins, and moses baskets.

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