Friday, November 11, 2011

the challenge with taking photos on this island isn't the lack of scenery or the right lighting. it's the fierce wind that likes to whip across the island - taking hats and quilts with it. although this quilt has been finished for almost a week, i had to wait for a calm day on which to photograph it. and while i did manage to explore the woods with frankie and rosie (my previously mentioned best helpers) on a foggy/windless morning to get some snapshots of it, today might not have been the best day to try to get a picture of the full, finished quilt. but i managed, i guess.

as you can see, rosie is the least helpful of the bunch.

this is a quilt that i have been working on intermittently for (ahem) about five months. i designed it after making my chevron mini quilt, with a calmer color palette in mind. little did i know that sewing, cutting and trimming, and piecing 352 half square triangles would take me so long. i soon grew bored and frustrated with the tedious process and set the few blocks that i had finished aside. but at some point - probably when i cleaned my sewing table and realized that there were unfinished half square triangles everywhere - i decided that it was about time that i finish it. and so i did, and just in time to bring it with me to the local craft fairs that i'll be taking part in in the next month or so. 

see what i mean about the wind?
almost every photo turned out like this, or worse.

measures 60" x 60"
machine pieced and quilted
fabrics used are kona cotton in ash, vintage sheet,
and crazy for dots and stripes in bright blue by rjr fabrics


  1. hannah, this is beautiful! xoxo sarah

  2. well its gorgeous, and i'm glad you finished it! Good luck at your craft shows, I sold a quilt at a show last weekend! A gal bought it for herself :-)

    LOVE this quilt!

  3. I love this quilt and the movement from the wind makes it seem alive. The colors are very soothing and the HSTs are my favs. Love it all around!

  4. I LOVE your chevron quilt!! The colors are just beautiful and love your pictures :o)