Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day


its unusual for us to go so long without snow in maine but here we are in our first big storm (second snow fall) wondering if every snowflake is really different than all of its brothers and sisters. the plow man has cometh, the chickens are snuggled into their coop, and a fire is burning in our little wood stove. i would love to say that this snow day will be spent getting the house in order - gathering unused toys for the thrift store, organizing our disaster of a laundry room, or even chasing dust bunnies out from their hiding spots underneath the couch and in all of the corners. instead, i will spend the day with my sewing machine, covered in bits of cotton and wool, fulfilling one of my many 'new year's goals'.

041 049

already this year i've made two little vests (well, three if you count the one that i felted by accident in the wash) for frances to wear now and into the spring. i even finished a yellow peasant dress for her to wear with some striped leggings and her froggy rainboots. now its onto some wool diaper covers to keep her little bum dry and maybe even another dress or two.


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a snow day!

  2. I love this little vest. I have 2 granddaughters and I'd love to knit this pattern for them. Could you tell me where you got the pattern? It's just awesome and the blue looks so pretty with the bright yellow....I love it!
    Marilyn in NM

  3. oops, i thought i had posted the link to that little vest pattern. here it is -

    have fun knitting!