Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ten weeks was a long time to be away
from this little space,
but in the grand scheme of things
it went by in the blink of an eye.

i spent the last ten weeks watching this little bean grow, settling into our family of four, giving my big girl (who is now a big sister!) lots of extra love, and even sneaking in some sewing time here and there. i can honestly say that my quiet time spent at my sewing table first thing in the morning is rejuvenating and oh so welcome. big shout out to the husband for making that work for me - he's golden!

that sewing time has allowed me to finish my first postpartum quilt, a custom baby quilt made for an awesome barter deal. some half square triangles and flying geese allowed me an easy transition back into quilt mode. but let me tell you, all of that straight line quilting probably won't be happening again any time in the near future.

until next time, xo.


  1. just beautiful(son and quilt!) i like the binding a lot-you're so good at that! i must've had esp checking in here today...hope to see you all soon! xo

  2. welcome back, Hannah. Baby is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Oh, it is beautiful, and so is your sweet little one!

  4. love this cute quilt !!