Sunday, June 19, 2011

and then she was back.

i must say the silence on my end was not so deafening - it actually felt good to learn what is necessary in my "digital life" and to learn what is a distraction. in the meantime, i've started multiple projects, unpacked dozens of boxes, visited the mainland, and dipped my toes in the sand a few times, too.

besides all of that, i am most excited to share the beginnings of a project that has been dominating my free time and attention lately (i don't have very much of either). a month or so ago i was browsing for my usuals on etsy - vintage quilts, ceramic mixing bowls, canvas totes - when i stumbled across a listing for a slightly deteriorated, bright pink quilt. i didn't like the quilt (which is why i didn't bookmark it, and can't find it now) but i loved the pattern of the blocks. and so my project started with a mini quilt mock up. and now i'm on to piecing the real thing.

catch me if you can.

it's taken some fiddling around with steam setting on my iron, but as i continue to sew and press, the ripples have become fewer and farther between. my points are starting to match up more and more often, often lining up so perfectly that i have to pat myself on the back.

i guess the point is this: challenging myself to a new project, with many components and steps, has made me focus on refining my skills and mastering my machine. i've learned to pin and adjust and pin to get that perfect match, i've learned how important it is to find the straight of grain, i've learned to be patient with the process.

a quilt isn't born over night, y'know.

catch me if you can.

catch me if you can.

and now i will promise you this: i'm already compiling some new etsy finds, i have four blocks done for my farmer's wife quilt (part of the fwqal that i am taking part in) and a few other goodies up my sleeve. i will never leave you again, i promise.


  1. Excellent job on your points! When my internet goes out, I miss it terribly, but I get a lot more done. It's worse than the tv. I waste too much time.


  2. Yay! So glad you're back! I really like the beginning of this quilt. I am so impressed with your piecing and matching points, etc. Happy settling in to your new home!