Wednesday, February 9, 2011

alice bunny

when i was very little, my mama made me an alice bunny.
she had striped legs and a ruffly apron and
i loved her to death.

alice the bunny

while rummaging through my ever growing piles of fabric (i need an intervention) i found all of the pieces that i had cut from frankie's first baby blanket and some pink kaffe fassett fabric. some arms and legs had already been sewn together and even a few of them stuffed. fuzzy ears needed to be put in their place and a belly needed to be shaped - i had time.

so here is frankie's alice bunny
complete with crocheted sweater
embroidered mary janes and lacey socks
and soon maybe even a purse.


i really enjoyed sculpting her features with tiny, white running stitches, and i love her sweet little face and rosy cheeks. she has already taken a few rides on the rocking lamb with frances, and many more adventures lay in store for her. here's to you alice bunny!


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