Thursday, January 27, 2011

little farmer girl

and another snow day is here. winter might have been slow to start in maine, but now that it is here we can't shake it. there is about two (maybe three) feet of snow lying over our garden and the chickens have an igloo for a coop.

not all of this winter nonsense is bad though. the cold weather keeps me indoors, sewing away on my trusty sears machine by the woodstove.

so maybe tiny little frances fingers don't help the sewing process, especially when she is like a little magpie and always goes for the shiniest, sharpest goodies she can find. but she reeps the benefits of my hours of sewing - there are growing piles of little farm girl dresses on top of my unfinished quilts and tins full of thread.
soon there will be bits of paper (tracing and brown) flying around the room as i attempt to turn a vintage coat pattern into what will hopefully be a long sleeved peasant/milkmaid/beautiful dress.

and evidence of my seamstress ways:
four farm girl dresses
four little farm girl dresses, some with aprons, some with crocheted pockets, accompanied by my thrifted wool socks - yes, they are a little big and floppy but oh so warm and comfy (and have i mentioned i am obsessed with socks lately).

yellow farm girl dress
cross stitched farm girl dress
crocheted pockets farm girl dress

and maybe some of these little dresses will find their way into my much neglected etsy shop soon. one can only hope.

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